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Looking for wildland firefighters? Or want to become one?

We aim at helping communities to deal with forest fires – prevent, fight, and mitigate. Our sister company Arbor Consulting, Inc. provides foresters with wildland firefighters' qualifications. Apart from monitoring, protecting, and taking care of trees, they are able to provide thorough mitigation, planning, and actual ground support before, during, and after a forest fire.

As a professional employment placement company specializing in wildland fires, we are always glad to welcome new people who dream of becoming foremost professionals, are ready for new challenges, and want to make a difference.

Arbor Consulting, Inc. offers its services at local, regional, and national levels.

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About us

What is Arbor Consulting?

Arbor Consulting, Inc. is a company providing highly qualified wildland firefighters (WFFs) who are certified arborists and trained as urban foresters.

Progressive approach

Arbor Consulting, Inc. always promotes the idea of development and progress. We follow the world's latest news and advice in the spheres of forestry, wildland firefighting, and technology. Our company encourages advanced training and upgrading knowledge, so we make sure our foresters-firefighters improve their practical skills and systematically get the necessary qualifications.

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  • Forestry Careers

    There are so many versatile opportunities for people thinking of or engaged in forestry careers. This field is connected with diverse aspects of other directions – computing (e.g., mapping forests), (wildland) firefighting, design, engineering, environment, management, law, volunteer activity, etc. No matter what you choose, it's always about rewarding challenges and making a difference.

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  • Who is a Forest Firefighter?

    Arbor Consulting introduced the best formula for effective work against forest fires. Our wildland firefighter can prevent, fight, provide thorough mitigation, plan, and support on the ground before, during, and after a forest fire. And all these functions our team provides with great care for nature.

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  • Сareer choices and opportunities

    Our company specializes in wildland fires, and we are always glad to welcome new people who care for nature and are ready for new challenges, and want to make a difference. We also have an apprentice program for those who would like to enter our fascinating world of forestry and firefighting.

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  • Taking care of nature

    Arborists carry out versatile forestry projects contributing to environmental well-being, starting from planting new trees, monitoring and conserving wildlife habitats, and even, as in our case, suppressing forest fires. We also ensure your projects will be completed legally and consciously to keep people and land safe.

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  • Tree care professionals

    Our arborists carry out forestry projects contributing to environmental well-being. We deal with planting, removal, pruning, transplantation, monitoring, and conserving wildlife habitats.

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  • Thoroughly trained

    Arbor Consulting supplies a fully-trained and highly qualified team that will be responsible for all the necessary aspects of the work.

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  • Fighting fire with deep respect to nature

    Our wildland firefighters are ready for all the difficulties and undeniable challenges of their calling because they know how rewarding it is – keeping people and land safe.

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  • Best results

    High-quality service and competitive prices

  • Team of devoted professionals

    Properly qualified and truly devoted professionals make Arbor Consulting, Inc. a leading supplier of wildland firefighting services.

  • The best wildland firefighting equipment

    Arbor Consulting, Inc. follows the world's best innovative technologies and equipment for forestry and wildfires (pumps, chemical pumps, shovels, etc.).