Who we are

Arbor Consulting, Inc. provides highly qualified foresters, arborists, and wildland firefighters all in one.

Our team of the best multifunctional employees can provide all arborists' services (landscaping; monitoring, protecting, and treating trees), as well as wildland firefighting work (preventing; planning; supporting; suppressing; mitigation). We keep up with the world's best innovations in forestry and wildland firefighting. Arbor Consulting, Inc. encourages the team's permanent advanced training.

Arbor Consulting, Inc. regularly recruits employees. We suggest real career opportunities. We look for ambitious experienced foresters and firefighters ready for advancement and complex but extremely rewarding challenges. We can help forward those people who need more qualifications for the job of a wildland firefighter. Our company also gives a chance to the people who dream of becoming foremost professional arborist-firefighters as they can start their career as a wildland firefighter apprentice.

We work with communities of different needs and sizes locally, regionally, and nationally.

Our advantages


High-quality service at competitive rates

Arbor Consulting, Inc. provides various services in the field of forestry and wildland firefighting. Highly qualified multifunctional team workers are the uniqueness of our services. You don't need to hire separate employees from different recruiting agencies for each aspect of wildland firefighting. Instead, we'll supply a fully-trained team (or an individual) that will be responsible for all the necessary aspects of the work. This approach helps guarantee competitive charging, and it doesn't sacrifice quality.

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Sufficiently qualified and certified professionals

Our company provides specialists with advanced foresters and firefighters' training who systematically upgrade their knowledge and improve their practical skills.

Arbor Consulting's arborists are trained as urban foresters. They also obtain more and more qualifications and certificates – ISA Certified Arborist; ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA); TRAQ Certified; Certified Commercial Applicator (Pesticide); OSHA 10 compliance; etc.

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Client-oriented approach

Arbor Consulting, Inc. provides efficient wildland firefighting and forestry services, and we take them extremely seriously. Our customers' needs are the highest priority. We carefully analyze each project and consult you on any necessary aspects of the provided services. We function according to legal standards and corresponding regulations. And we guarantee that you'll feel satisfied and safe with us.

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Achievements and Benefits

For clients

Based in 1998

Experienced team with the best results.

Affordable prices for the best quality

High-quality service and competitive prices for wildland firefighters and arborists' services.

Certified and Qualified

WFF advanced training; ISA Certified Arborists, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA); TRAQ Certified; Certified Commercial Applicator (Pesticide); OSHA 10 compliance; etc.

Construction Projects

Approved subcontractor for NYCDPR (New York City Department of Parks & Recreation), NYC DDC (New York City Department of Design & Construction), NYSDAM (New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets), NYCDOT & NYSDOT (New York City & State Department of Transportation).

For employees

Competitive Salaries

Work outside

The majority of the duties performed by a wildland firefighter are outdoors.

Health Insurance

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Paid Holidays, Vacation, and Business Trips

We provide Company Tablets and EZPasses for work travel. Arbor Consulting reimburses for cell phone usage monthly when bills are submitted.

Apprentice Programme

Start your career as our wildland firefighter apprentice.

Our staff

A team of highly qualified and truly devoted professionals makes Arbor Consulting, Inc. a leading supplier of wildland firefighting services.